Radio Show

The Kernel Fresh Radio Show will serve as a medium to educate the public about proper skin and hair care, and to provide information to listeners about Kernel Fresh products, as well as about the J-Palm Liberia in general.  

We are recruiting two young dynamic young Liberians to host the Kernel Fresh Radio Show. The hosts will have shared responsibilities to research, compile, write, and present content on air in a weekly live show. The hosts must be able to clearly and effectively manage all aspects of the series.


The program hosts will be specifically responsible for the following:

  • Research topics and create content for the various show segments.
  • Conduct weekly interviews of customers, J-Palm staff, and other related associates to be featured on the program from time to time.
  • Compile, write and learn the scripts for the program. 
  • Plan and organize the content and structure for each program.
  • Work with J-Palm’s communications and marketing team to select, invite, and confirm weekly guest(s) for the program.
  • Liaise with the communications and marketing team and the radio staff to produce each series of the program.
  • Conduct the program and host the guest(s) and other segments of the show. 
  • Interview guest(s) in studio, entertain phone calls from audience and respond to or provide feedback and clarity as needed.
  • Manage the program according to schedule, be proactive, respond to challenges and changes and improvise where applicable.


Skills and Interests:

The hosts are required to be authentic in presenting themselves and natural in what they do and how they communicate. However, as an added advantage, we require the following skills essential to performing the responsibilities:

  • Good research and analytical skills
  • Excellent communications and presentation skills
  • Great interviewing skills and curiosity
  • Clear voice and good performance ability
  • Creative and able to generate original ideas
  • A broad range of interests, including beauty, skin and hair care
  • Team player and problem-solving skills 
  • Personable and confident in oneself



  • Young Liberian between the ages 18 to 35
  • At least a high school diploma. Some experience in media/communications would be an advantage, but not required
  • Experienced or knowledgable about trends in natural skin/ hair care, grooming and personal care
  • Must possess basic understanding about J-Palm Liberia's history, mission, vision, values and products (If you haven't yet, please browse through this website to conduct further research on the company)


What to expect:

  • Working conditions may vary from time to time, depending on the nature of the content to be featured on the program.
  • Be responsible and take initiative to work independently from researching to preparing the show content, to confirming guest and hosting the program; failure to adhere or follow up with any of these would affect the program.
  • Build interest, increase knowledge and expand acumen in personal, beauty, hair and skin care; will be required to improvise while planning or hosting the program.
  • Traveling across the county from time to time whenever the need arises to feature a customer or beneficiary who will contribute to the program, or to feature J-Palm’s work processes.
  • As the host of the program, you are an ambassador of the company and you therefore have a public and brand image to protect. Any act exhibited contrary to the values and standards of the company, or against any laws of the state would render the contract terminated.


Work Hours

The hosts are expected to work 10-15 hours a week. Work will involve time dedicated to research, planning, and developing content for the show, creating scripts, conducting interviews, and planning logistics for the show. The number of hours may change from time to time, and work hours will be set around the hosts’ schedules.


Application Process:

The application process will be divided in three stages:

Stage 1: Introduce Yourself! Use a smartphone or a regular camera to record a short video (1-3 minutes) telling us about yourself, and why you should be chosen to become a host. This is a chance for you to show us your personality and help us get to know you a little better. Be yourself! 

After recording your video, find and like any of our social media pages (Facebook: J-Palm Liberia or Instagram: @jpalmlib). Upload the video to your page and tag us. Or, send the video to us as a direct message.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in an audition. 

Deadline: September 15, 2019 at 11:59PM

Stage 2: Auditions Shortlisted candidates from Stage 1 will be invited to audition in front of a panel of judges, who are experienced media professionals. During the audition, you may be asked to read some press clippings, and/or do a mock radio show. Again, the goal here is for us to see more of your personality, and to assess your suitability for the position.

Timeline: September 16-18, 2019

Stage 3: Interviews The finalists from the auditions will be invited to J-Palm Liberia’s office for an interview, from which the final hosts will be selected (1 male, 1 female).

Timeline: September 20-21, 2019 


We look forward to meeting and working with you!!